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10 Common Gardening Mistakes: Avoid These

Let’s face it: none of us is perfect… Home gardeners are usually not gardening experts. In fact, many are novices. Improve your garden and your skills by learning some of the common gardening mistakes to avoid.I’ve made a list of some of the most common ones. I hope it is helpful. 10 Common Gardening Mistakes […]

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Trying to choose which heirloom tomatoes you want to grow can be bewildering. When you look at a catalogue  you’ll find dozens of tempting  varieties in a range of colours. The following basic information will start you off. Then you can look at the notes in a catalogue or search online for more details. Time […]

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Best Lawn & Garden Sprinklers

There are a number of sprinklers for lawn and gardens. There are horse-end and ground sprinkler systems. The horse-end sprinklers are easy to set-up and less expensive to install. These sprinklers are also versatile and make your work easier. You can adjust the pressure while spraying or even the circumference that it covers. In short, […]

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