Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2019 Reviews

You work hard. Your days can get long. When you come home tired, one of the last things you’re thinking about it double checking to make sure you’ve closed your front door all the way. As a matter of fact, you’re more likely to leave the door hanging open for a few moments, just so […]

10 Best Stone Frying Pan Reviews (March, 2019)

You’ve been avoiding this for a very long time. So long, you can’t remember the last time it happened. You’re having guests for dinner. Either your mother is coming to visit, or your whole family, or some friends, or even your boss (which totally makes you feel like a 50s housewife, but whatever). But the […]

Top 10 Best Star Projectors To Shop In (March 2019)

Best Star Projector Reviews 2019 Star projectors are a great way to make nights interesting, whether it’s for relaxation or setting a mood. These projectors project an array of light that, when said light hits a surface, makes it look like stars. No longer do you have to fall sleep with boring night lights or […]

10 Best Coffee Beans In the World Reviewed (March. 2019)

Many people love coffee. Whether it’s a cup as soon as you wake up, a quick cappuccino through the drive-through after work, or a nice relaxing mocha at the end of the day, lots of people use coffee as not only a stimulant, but a part of life. If you’re always craving another cup, why […]

10 Best Christmas Light Projectors Review 2019

Christmas time is a feast for the eyes. Anyone who loves to decorate their home and yard finds the perfect excuse in this snowy holiday. Fairy lights are a common sight on winter-y front porches. These delicate strings are specially made to withstand some of the coldest months of the year. That doesn’t mean they’re […]

10 Best Weed Killers Review (March, 2019)

If you’ve ever tried to cultivate a lawn – whether it be your own or someone else’s – you know that it’s hard work. Not only do you have to assess what kind of landscaping you’re allowed to do in your area, but you have to take into account the type of soil and ecology you’ll […]