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By Jack Mash

9 Surprising Ways to Use a Rice Cooker

There is a hot debate online about which is best: rice cooker or rice made in a pot on the stove. Some people swear by one, some swear by the other. But did you know that a rice cooker can be used to make lots of other tasty foods as well?best rice cooker recipes

In this article we’ll list a few dishes you can make in a rice cooker.

  • Rice (duh): Of course, your rice cooker can cook rice. You can add all sorts of goodies to it to make it all the more delicious. From spices to various types of liquids (broth, milk, water) your rice will taste amazing every time.
  • Quinoa: Just like rice, all you have to do to cook quinoa in a rice cooker is throw it in with some water and wait for it to be done. Quick. Simple. Easy!
  • Meat: Surprisingly, meat can be made in a rice cooker as well. From roasted pork to ribs, the end result will no doubt be a fan favorite in your household.
  • Polenta: Polenta, surprisingly, can be made in a rice cooker as well. And like rice, it can be doctored to taste delicious.
  • Curry: Why go through the trouble of making curry in multiple pots and pans when all it takes is a simple few simple ingredients and a rice cooker? Use your rice cooker to make a simple curry that will leave you hungry for more.
  • Frittata: Frittata’s while delicious, are slightly more difficult to make than the curry. Instead of just throwing the ingredients into the rice cooker and waiting for dinner, you’ll have to brown a few ingredients in a frying pan first. But the end result is well worth the extra effort.
  • Soup: There are so many types of soup that can be made in a rice cooker, it’s ridiculous. From chili to laksa to chicken noodle, if you can think it, you can probably make it.
  • Oatmeal: Cooking oatmeal in a rice cooker is a great way to add extra flavors without resorting to the chemical additives of instant oatmeal.
  • Desserts: Desserts in a rice cooker are a quick and easy way to make a yummy treat for you and your family. From spiced fruit to cake to rice pudding, you can be guaranteed that they’ll all be delicious.

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