Making Your Blender Multi-task

By Jack Mash

Although many of us consider the blender a necessary appliance in the well appointed kitchen, few of us actually utilize it to its full potential. It usually collects a lot of dust or sits in a cupboard until we have a daiquiri party or get a craving for a margarita. The problem is that although most of us have one, we have no idea when to use it.

Blender Multi-task

Blender Drinks

The most obvious and common use of the blender is to mix drinks. However, we don’t have to wait for a party or for an occasion to make alcoholic beverages.

Milkshakes made in the blender are a great treat for young and old. All you need is milk and ice cream blended for a few seconds. This is an extra special treat for those of us who are lactose-intolerant and can’t have the shakes at the local fast food restaurant.

Healthy diets can start with breakfast smoothies made of fresh fruit and yogurt. Start the day off with essential vitamins and minerals by adding a little orange juice to the mixture.

Blenders as Ice Crushers

No recipe needed for this one. Crushed ice is useful for entertaining and if you don’t have the fancy kind of refrigerator that performs this task for you, the blender will get the job done just fine.

Crushing ice with frozen drink flavorings will produce the ever-popular slushies or margaritas. For the kids, use fruit juice such as orange or cranberry or fruit punch.

Blenders as Grinders

You may have to add the beans gradually but you can grind your own coffee with a blender. This saves money spent on having it ground in the store while also providing the freshest product for brewing.

Whole spices can be ground the same way and with similar results for freshness. Peppercorns or mustard seeds can be processed in the blender. You can also make spice combinations such as your own Italian seasoning from dried herbs. Try mincing your own garlic for use in your favorite dishes for powerful taste.

Difficult Mixtures

The blender can be used to force ingredients that are typically hard to mix together. One tough ingredient to mix is olive oil. We use this tasty ingredient in so many ways but using a blender makes it easier to combine it with other ingredients. Salad dressing can be easily made by placing vinegar, olive oil, seasonings and mustard in a blender and quickly mixing.

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