7 Best Knife Blocks Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021

By Jack Mash

Although most consumers consider their knife block as just a place to safely store their knives, a quality and attractive knife block can actually serve as the design centerpiece to their entire kitchen.

No matter how many knives consumers have, the size of the blades, or other types of cutlery they may own, there is definitely an ideal knife block to match their kitchen design and knife needs.

Not only does a stylish knife block fully protect children and animals from the dangerous blades that knives present, but they also keep knives organized, making it easy for consumers to find the right knife without having to pull out and check every single one.

In order to find the right knife block, it can be beneficial for consumers to examine some of the top knife blocks on the market.

Kapoosh Universal Knife Block

 Kapoosh Universal Knife Block

It may seem like magic, but the Kapoosh universal knife block can effectively store any set of knives with its slotless, freedom rod technology.

This knife block allows consumers to insert nearly any object into the block, and then the flexible freedom rods securely hold the object into place. Additionally, since there are no confining slots, knives stay sharper for longer.

Kapoosh Urban Universal Knife Block- Aqua Blue

Cuisine De France 14-Slot Black Finish Wood Block

 Cuisine De France 14-Slot Black Finish Wood Block

Another prominent function of knife blocks is that they save counter space. With the Cuisine De France 14-Slot Black Finish Wood Block, consumers can maximize their counter space, keep their knives organized, and enhance kitchen design with this stylish product.

Furthermore, this 14-slot block holds everything from steak knives to smaller cutlery, and with its stable construction, it is quite difficult to knock this knife block off the counter.

 Cuisine De France 14-Slot Black Finish Wood Block

The Ex Knife Set and Holder

Kitchen knife set, LAEKER 5

Coming from Raffaele Iannello, one of the most respected kitchen designers, the Ex Knife Set and Holder is bound to turn an eye or two. This specially designed knife holder resembles a 15.5-inch-tall person, with slots through the body for consumers to store their knives.

Although the concept is a bit morbid for some, this knife block utilizes a plastic casing to protect knife blades, individual protective knife sleeves, and durable, ABS plastic.

Kitchen knife set, LAEKER 5

CIA Master’s Collection 24305 Cutlery Drawer Storage

Featuring a one-piece wood construction that is not only quite durable but also easy to clean, the CIA Master’s Collection 24305 Cutlery Drawer Storage can hold up to seven large knives and eight smaller knives while protecting the knife blades.

Furthermore, the cantilevered design of this knife block easily fits into kitchen drawers and holds the knives at two different levels to allow easy access and removal.

Kapoosh Stainless Steel Knife Block

Utilizing the innovative freedom rod technology from Kapoosh, the Kapoosh stainless steel knife block pprovides consumers with a universal block that can easily store a whole range of different sized knives.

Furthermore, the freedom rods protect knife blades, and consumers can easily remove the freedom rod compartment of this durable, stainless steel block and wash them in a dishwasher, ensuring hygienic blades at all times.

Kapoosh Rondelle Knife Block, Stainless Steel

Bob Kramer By Zwilling J.A. Henckels Walnut Knife Block

KRAMER by ZWILLING Magnetic Upright Easel Knife Block

While storing knives and greatly enhancing the overall style of the kitchen, consumers benefit from the functionality and beauty of the Bob Kramer By Zwilling J.A. Henckels walnut knife block.. This hand-finished, European Ash easel knife block features a walnut-colored finish.

Since it safely stands the knives upwards so the knife blades reflect beautifully, this block serves as a piece of kitchen art. Furthermore, its concealed magnet holds up to five knives.

ZWILLING Magnetic Upright Easel Knife Block

JK Custom Furniture & Design Knife Holder With Chalkboard Front

Storing knives does not have to be all about style and functionality, as with the JK Custom Furniture & Design Knife Holder With Chalkboard Front.

Consumers can easily turn their knife block into an effective message board with this product’s large, chalkboard front. Furthermore, this knife block frees up counter space as it hangs off any cupboard and holds up to 10 knives.

How To Buy

With an attractive knife block, you can effectively store and organize all of your knives while at the same time enhancing the overall style of your kitchen. It is possible to discover a whole variety of knife blocks on Amazon, spanning many retailers and price ranges.

To find your next knife block, simply locate the Amazon search bar and enter keywords related to the knife block that you want. Keep in mind that more general keywords, such as ” wood knife block,” elicits hundreds of listings, while a more specific search that includes the brand name and the quantity of knife slots can bring you right to the product you are looking for. Once you have found the right knife block for your needs, always thoroughly examine the product description for important details such as shipping costs, condition of the knife block, and the seller’s reviews and ratings. With just a few clicks, your new knife block is on its way to your kitchen.

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