Alternate Solutions to Save on School Books

By Jack Mash

Getting a college degree is expensive, and textbooks and manuscripts are seriously costly, too. For students who would like to finish their studies but are making ends meet, there are effective options to cut down the cost of their schooling especially in buying textbooks. To some, it takes a little creativity while to others, a few sacrifices. Here are some strategies students can do to spend less on acquiring their required books and manuscripts.

School Books

Use Coupons and Deals

Local bookstores and even big retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon offer discounts and significant savings. Students must keep an eye on coupons and deals, though. Usually, these are announced online on social media, local newspapers, community bulletin boards, and even campuses. Some bookstores and online shops offer buyback programs, too, to help students with their budgeting. Those attending school can either sell their old books which are still in mint condition and can also buy second-hand books.

Visit Buyback Companies

What is fascinating about today’s technology is that individuals can buy and sell books even when online. Look for reputable buyback companies and check out their buyback policies and programs. These buyback companies also offer bonuses by signing up on their email alerts or creating accounts on them. Such rewards come in forms of code customers can enter as they either sell their books or buy titles online.

Buy Used Textbooks

There are a lot of local bookstores that offer second-hand books at significant discounts. Buyers need to check on each book, though, as some might have a little underlining or bent pages. This strategy works for students who do not mind slight wear and tear or owning second-hand books.

Rent Books

There are also local shops and even online stores that rent out books. Students just need to follow the shop’s policy. This rent-your-book style applies to those who do not like to burden themselves of book ownership. However, they must be careful about using the books so as not to degrade their quality. Some shops may require those who rent to pay extra charges for books with dents and markings.

A few colleges, too, rent out books for their students. If the young learners find this approach advantageous, they just have to check out their university for such program. They have to go to the student’s services department to inquire.

There are also digital books they can rent online. Those who rent are given a copy-protected PDF file which they can access through mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Photocopy Books

This trick may save one a lot of money but can also eat up time and effort. Students can either photocopy portions of the textbook they only need or photocopy the entire book. For faster processing, though, they may go to computer shops or bookbinding stores that offer advance business solutionsand photocopying services. They may even request to ring bind or book bind the pages depending on their budget. This option will give students the most savings.

Scan Books

Another option students may think of is to borrow books from the university library, scan it at home or from a computer shop, and create a PDF file that they can upload on their laptops or ebook readers.

Borrow from the Library

For more common books, students may always opt to borrow them from the campus library or local public library. It is applicable for those who don’t mind going back and forth to the library to borrow and return the book. Transportation and time should be considered when opting for this choice.

Save on School Books

Students can save a lot on textbooks if they explore their options other than just accepting the fact that they need books and the only way to acquire them is by purchasing.

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