What Can You Do to Measure the Pallet Racking Needed in Your Warehouse?

By Jack Mash

The pallet racking system in your warehouse works as a robust framework for safe and efficient storage. However, you need to choose a system that’s ideal for the space you have. Apart from safety and efficiency, the capacity of the racks is also crucial for your business.

Pallet Racking

Remember, not all racks can be equal in terms of size and capacity. You need custom solutions based on precise measurements. Here’s how you can measure the racking system that you need.

Measure the Beams

The standard racking systems come with incremental beam dimensions, where the length may start from 4-feet and expand after that. The custom racks, on the other hand, can have sizes starting from one foot also. Measuring the beam can be slightly tricky if you don’t know the right and the wrong way.

The best method of measuring the beams is to start from the inner side of upright frames. Then, measure the length up to the inner side of the opposite frame. The standard beam length may vary from 3.5 ft to 12 ft.

For larger pallets, you can select a beam length of 9-10 ft, while 8 ft beams are appropriate for heavier pallets as well. Short beams can offer more capacity than longer ones. The height of the beams in your pallet racking system can range from 3-6 inches to provide sufficient capacity.

For measuring the beam’s face, do the calculation by measuring the front side from top to bottom. It indicates the weight you can put on the beam.

Measure the Upright Frame

The frames in a warehouse racking system may come in different measurements. Hence, you need to ascertain the right dimensions to make the right decision. It starts with measuring the depth of the racks you may require. Here, you have to measure the outside dimension as well.

For example, measure the depth of one outside edge of a frame to the other side. The standard frame depth is 42 inches that can support deep pallets measuring up to 48 inches. This dimension helps to fix the distance between the beams in the racking system. You can calculate it by measuring the depth of the pallet and subtracting 6 inches from the result.

Frame height is another critical measurement that calculates the distance from the bottom of the upright frame to its top. You can figure it by measuring the distance from the floor to the ceiling and subtracting 18 inches for clearance.

Here, you also need to deduct the height of your pallets and load to make the right calculation.

Measure the Wire Decking

After measuring the depth of your pallet racks, you can easily measure the wire decking system. Wire mesh decking is a safety feature that matches the depth of your frame in terms of its depth.

Calculate the length of your beams to determine the width of wire decking. For example, if you have 8 feet beams, you may need two wire decks with a width of 46 inches each.

These are standard measurements to find the right pallet racking system for your warehouse. If you find them challenging to make, take help from professionals to measure the racks, and provide custom solutions accordingly.

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