The 10 Best Ways to Try CBD

By Jack Mash

CBD is a product that boasts amazing health and wellness benefits for millions of people around the world. Research has shown that this natural product can aid in conditions ranging from anxiety to epilepsy and just about everything in between and comes in dozens of formats, making it easy to add to your daily routine. With minimal side effects and a long-lasting series of benefits, this product has improved the lives of many, making it a safe and effective option for those who want to avoid medication for various issues or ailments. 

Best Ways to Try CBD

Whether you are just starting to incorporate this product into your routine or if you are simply looking for a new way to use it, you will be able to find a method that works perfectly for your needs. No matter what your personal preference is, there is a method of trying CBD that will compliment it, making it something easy to add to your routine. Continue reading below for the top ten ways to try CBD so that you too can reap the rewards of this unique and beneficial product in your own life.


Capsules are one of the easiest ways to try CBD, making it a convenient option for those with busy routines. It can easily be added to your daily vitamin regimen and the benefits of capsule forms of CBD are longer lasting overall. Taking capsule forms of CBD oil is also one of the easiest formats to take this supplement, which can be great for those who are just starting with CBD products. 


Tinctures are another one of the most popular ways for someone to try CBD as a part of their daily health routine. These liquid suspensions are generally applied under the tongue for rapid absorption and fast results, making it great for conditions like anxiety when you need to reap the benefits of the CBD in a faster time period. For a comprehensive resource about CBD tinctures, this guide from Kyro has helpful information as well as some great resources for this product. 


Liquid oral sprays are a different variety of tincture that comes in a convenient spray bottle for ease of use. These sprays contain the right dosage of CBD and can be used as needed for fast-acting results and quick absorption. Some are even flavored with natural ingredients to improve the overall taste of the spray during use. 


Usually found in gummy candy format, edibles are another popular way to use CBD products. For those who are conscious of added sugars and preservatives, there are organic and natural varieties on the market. The absorption rate is slower since it works through the digestive system, but the added benefit is that the slower absorption results in longer-lasting effects. 


Vaping CBD is an easy and effective way to try this product as a part of your daily routine and has a number of benefits. The cartridges come in different dosage levels and formats that work with vape pens easily found in convenience stores and traditional smoke shops both, making it a convenient option for those that already practice vaping. The fast-acting benefits of vaping CBD are another appeal for users, making this one of the most readily available options for users. 


If you would rather not use vape pens and prefer a more organic format, you can smoke the flowers of the plant like you would any other natural product. While the benefits are not as intense as those of the concentrated CBD oils, many people find the subtler impacts as well as the natural product more appealing overall. It can even be adding to other smoking substances, so you can use it to complement those items that you might already enjoy. 


CBD lotions and topicals are another interesting way to incorporate CBD into your routine, especially for those using it to treat skin conditions or irritations. The lotions also have similar overall benefits as the product gradually soaks into the skin, making it an option for those who might not like the side effects of inhaling or ingesting the product directly. You can find an array of dosages as well as scents in addition to all-natural products that are free of additives and artificial scents or colors. 


Lotions are not always the most reliably transdermal delivery method and can sometimes be messy or inconvenient, so another option to consider is a CBD patch. Boasting the same benefits as other topical solutions without the mess, patches have the added benefit of controlling the dosage more closely while not having to deal with the mess or hassle of lotions rubbing off. Consider this option for an easy way to benefit from CBD over the course of your day without having to alter your routine or schedule in any way. 

With Food

CBD oil can also be used in a number of different formats but one convenient option is to add the oil directly to food products either before or after it is cooked. An added benefit to adding the oil to food is that it can often improve the taste of the product for those who do not enjoy it on its own. It can be adding to just about any food you can imagine, making it easy to toss a few drops in as needed. 

With Drinks like Tea or Coffee

Another convenient way to try CBD oil is to add it to various drinks, hot or cold alike. It is worth mentioning that it works better in drinks that need to be mixed thoroughly since the oil does not mix well with water or water-based beverages.

Try adding some to your afternoon coffee or tea for an additional pick-me-up plus the benefits of the oil combined.With so many different benefits and a vast array of methods with which to use it, CBD is a product that can be easily added to your regimen for a variety of reasons. Always be sure to do your research on products before trying them through a trusted source for product reviews and recommendations.

No matter which product you decide on, the benefits promise to improve the quality of life regardless of why you might be trying CBD!

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