Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

By Jack Mash

The Summers Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set grants an industry leading monitoring experience. The most notable distinction between this system and other baby monitoring sets is the two portable color monitors. Having two monitors with wireless live video feeds provides the flexibility of having two people monitoring at the same time or even having the remote monitors stationed in two different locations, both displaying the live video.
With it’s wireless receivers equipped with impressive 2.3 inch LCD color displays, and the camera having both digital zoom, as well as automatic night vision sensing technology, the Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set makes keeping an eye on your precious child comfortable and easy.

Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

The remote monitor is also fully loaded with noise activated lights, ten hours of rechargeable battery life (which are included in the set), extensive battery life tracking display, and out of range notification. The live video is streamed digitally at 2.4GHz resulting in a secure and reliable wireless connection of up to 600 feet (over 180 meters). The individual remote monitors can be stood upright for easy viewing on a counter top, table or while sitting at a desk working from home, as well as clipped on to a belt for a more portable option.

Overall the Summers Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set is packed with industry leading technology and editing software to provide a quality

1. Some reviewers have realized that this set is a wonderful combination of value and features, unlike many of the baby monitors in the market today which are filled with multiple but often useless features.

2. Others have praised the fantastic audio and video quality of this set, appreciating the thoughtfulness of providing two handheld monitors. This way, each parent has an individual monitor.

3. The Summer Infant range of products are known for their durability and stability, and this product is no different.

4. clear and crisp audio/video.

Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor SetCons

1. It is not WiFi enabled, so the two monitors are only advantageous if both the parents are within the wireless range.

2. Only comes with a 1 year warranted

It would be AMAZING if they would build a walkies-talkie like function into both the monitors in addition to the audio just from the camera. A baby monitor is the perfect safety device for your little one. It allows you to keep a constant eye on that precious bundle while continuing with your daily chores. These little devices come with a range of features to help you with this task. While there are a wide range of products available in the market, each promising to help you best, the ‘Summer Infant Dual Cover Video Baby Monitor Set’ is perhaps one of the most advanced. Understanding how paramount the safety of your child is, this baby monitor is created to give you maximum freedom without compromising on your child’s well-being.

Among its wide range of features, it boasts a good camera for a constant video feed. This has a range of up to 600 feet (182.88 meters). Its extensive coverage allows you to remain within a safe distance while not restricting your activities. You may rest, work or attend to anything you feel necessary without worrying about your child. If you do go too far, this sleek monitor also has an indicator to alert you that you are approaching the out-of-range area.Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

The video is of the best quality and can be viewed on the 2.3 inch color LCD handheld device, giving you the clearest picture. It employs the 2.4 gigahertz wireless technology to achieve this fantastic connection. Due to the quality, you can even zoom into the video for a closer look. It also automatically switches to a black-white night vision which comes in handy when you abruptly wake up in the middle of the night. It is also useful in moments of panic such as when the lights suddenly go out.

The better you can see your child, the more your heart will be at ease. In understanding that, this device has been constructed so that you are always with your little one, even when you aren’t right next to them.

In order to suit the long hours of the day that this device will be used for, it has a long battery life of 10 hours. As a result, you don’t need to constantly be on your toes, worried about the battery running out. The low battery indicator will always alert you to the necessity of charging. In understanding the needs of the parent and the child, this is the ideal device to help you keep your infant safe.

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