5 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021 Reviews (Buyer Guide)

By Jack Mash

Best Magnetic Screen DoorYou work hard. Your days can get long. When you come home tired, one of the last things you’re thinking about it double checking to make sure you’ve closed your front door all the way. As a matter of fact, you’re more likely to leave the door hanging open for a few moments, just so you can get your bearings.

With a traditional door, that opening may cause some problems. On one hand, a gap of any kind provides the perfect opening for insects, bad weather, or other unwanted annoyances that want to enter your home. On another hand, an excitable dog may quickly take advantage of what he sees as the perfect escape route to the great outdoors. Even the heat you use to warm your home can quickly slip out of an open front door.

10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Review

Easier Living Magna Mesh ScreenMAGNA MESH SCREEN HAS 20 MAGNETS

No tools required to set this screen .You can install it within minutes. To safely open and instantly close the screen has 20 high powered magnets. Allows the fresh air to come in while keep the insects and pests outside.


  • Has fit standard single and sliding doors.
  • Easy to install, no equipment required to set it.
  • The fabric of screen is black allowing better sight through daylight.
  • Screen side come together side by side so smoothly that they don’t overlap each other.
  • This screen fits the standard 8 feet door.
  • Works best in homes, at cottage, on your RV apartments …
  • Never grope with sliding glass doors in future while carrying things.


Apalus Magnetic Screen DoorApalus Magnetic Screen Door

This is best in summer as it allows all the bugs and insects to remain outside and lets the fresh air in. This product will last for many seasons.


  • You can easily walk through it without hands usage. Easy for your pets move across without barking and scratching the door.
  • It has high quality mesh that is sewn rather than heat sealed.
  • Soft fabric that can easily wash in machine, can be used for several years.
  • It has the perfect 28 magnets and magnetic seal that allows the door to open and close quickly and without any noise.
  • Don’t requires any tool to set up, can be easily install within minutes.
  • There are weights all the way down where the magnets are that keeps it straight and shut it properly.
  • The size in meters are 1 meter wide, 2.1 meters top to bottom.

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door – Zume

Best doors that can open and close themselves without any hassles. Door screens with magnets permit you to:

  • Ensure that your door closes behind every time.
  • Prevents finger pinching accidents.
  • Keeps the bugs outside and allows your pets to move in and out freely.
  • Can easily enter and leave your home without the use of hands.
  • It has better magnetic seal from top to bottom without any loop holes .whooping 26 magnets are used in this design.
  • The magnets completely closes the door as the seal is sewn not glued.
  • 60g of mesh is used that increases the strength of screen, so it is kept in its position.
  • It has Velcro seal.
  • Ever screen door with magnets is tested before shipping.
  • It fit doors with openings up to 40” into 83” in size.
  • Easy to install with a life time guarantee.


They have the tough screens door curtain that keeps the bugs outside and magnets on it help the door to shut itself. They protect your family from insects. Let the fresh air in, have instant bug mesh, magnet inside the seam, full Velcro.

  • High quality polyester is used in instant bug mesh, made from premium mesh.
  • Velcro is sewn into mesh
  • Magnets are not visible as they are hidden in seam.
  • Can easily installed within minutes without any tools.
  • Push pins are also provided.
  • Measure your doors first. Fits doors up to 34” into 82”.
  • Color is black.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Doesn’t require any battery.
  • This screen is reusable. Velcro pieces and black tacks come with the screen door. tacks would be easy to take out.

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