How to Use Toilet Paper for Septic at Toilet?

By Jack Mash

In a residential area, what is the most neglected functional element? Are you wrinkling your eyes thinking about the answer? The answer is, the septic system of a home. It is also surprising; many homeowners don’t know where the septic tank is placed. Even the majority of us mistreat septic tanks.

Use Toilet Paper for Septic

However, an unhealthy septic tank can lead you to a dangerous health disease like E. Coli, Hepatitis A and to name a few. So, taking care of a septic tank is significantly essential.

Also, keep note that repairing a septic tank is much costlier than regular maintenance. The range of routine maintenance cost is $100 to $300. But if your septic tank fails to perform correctly, then replacement may cost you $3,000 to $10,000.

Working Process of Septic Tank

If you look at the septic tank figure, you will find 2 significant portions of it. One part is the tank, and the next part is the drain field. All wastewater from the toilet, kitchen, laundry room takes their place in the tank. Once the tank is filled with wastewater, the solid elements create a sludge layer at the bottom part. At the same time, lighter solid elements float to the upper part, and it creates a scum layer. For each inbound supply of wastewater, the layer separation required a minimum of 1 day.

The water that stays between the scum and sludge layer drains through the drain field. Over time, bacteria eat the scum as well as the sludge layer. Thus, the top and bottom layers can’t grow too fast. But sometimes, because of the inbound wastewater flow into the drain tank, the bacteria can’t eat up these 2 layers. And when it happens, the drain field gets affected with impurities. Generally, a septic tank should be cleaned every after 3 to 5 years minimum.

Best Toilet Paper for Septic Systems

Now, the question is, how will you keep your septic tank safe? Because we are washing, rinsing and flushing different items, and these items dissolve through the septic tank. Out of these items, toilet paper plays a vital role in terms of clogging a septic tank. General logic is, you should use a toilet tissue that dissolves quickly. Let’s find out about other factors as well.

Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

There is no confusion that all types of toilet tissue dissolves over time. But biodegradable toilet tissue needs less water, and they disappear fast. Using this toilet tissue is a good option for any septic system. But the bad news is, biodegradable toilet tissues are harsh and thick in nature as well as expensive too. There are a lot of alternatives available in the stores to take the place of biodegradable toilet tissue.

Recycled Toilet Paper 

Very few chemicals are used in recycled toilet paper. Recycled toilet paper contains less bleach that won’t ruin the natural balance in your septic tank. Recycled toilet tissue fibers are small and break easily. So, it will dissolve in less water.

Septic-safe toilet paper 

If you intently look at the store for the best toilet tissue, you will find tissues named “septic safe.” Generally, these tissues dissolve without making any clog in the septic tank. Give a deep dive to your nearest store. Search for certified septic-safe toilet tissue marked by the National Sanitation Foundation. This foundation focuses on human health and works for keeping the environment pollution free.

If still, you are unhappy with the quality of your toilet tissue, you can do a simple experiment following the below steps

  1. Select 4/5 brands toilet tissue from the store.
  2. Take a large mason jar or a container. Cut 4 – 5 squares of the tissues from each brand and place them on the mason.
  3. Now, fill up ¾ portion of the jar with water. Close the jar using a lid and give a well-shake at least for the next 10 seconds. This shake is the mimic of the incident that happens after giving a flush.
  4. Finally, open the lid, look inside. If you find that the square toilet tissue has altered into tiny tissue, you are all done. Then this tissue is the best option for your septic tank.
  5. Give a vigorous shake to each branded toilet tissue.

This experiment will help you to decide a toilet tissue that will keep your septic tank safe as well as take care of your health too. If several toilet tissues get passed in this test, then the ball is on your court. Based on the band, comfortability, make your decision.

Toilet Tips to get a Healthy Septic Tank

Besides the above suggestions, you also can follow the below toilet tips

Don’t give too much flush: Between two flushes, use your toilet 2/3 times.

Choose the suitable toilet paper: Following the above options and doing the experiment, make a precise decision, and choose the best adequate toilet tissue for your composting toilet.

Don’t use a toilet cleaner that contains acid or bleach: Acid or bleach-based toilet cleaner is a bad option to clean your toilet. These components are highly risked for your septic tank bacteria, and slowly they will kill those bacteria. And finally, you will land up in an unusual situation.

Don’t throw tampons in your toilet: The most common question now buzzing around is, can I throw tampons into the toilet because they are biodegradable? The answer is, “NO.” If we make a list of what we can’t throw into our toilet, the tampon will win the prize. The thumb rule is, whatever happens, you can’t throw anything into your toilet.

You can get a well-performed septic tank if you know what you should do and shouldn’t do. You have to be very cautious about what you are throwing to the drains and toilets. Care and periodic maintenance will save a lot of money.

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