How to Keep Your Feet Warm in a Cold Office At Work

By Jack Mash

It’s freezing inside your office, and you’ve got a ton of work to do. Yet, you can’t get anything done because your feet feel numb from the cold. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been in a situation where our feet are so cold that we can’t focus on the tasks in front of us. Luckily, there are several ways to warm up cold feet inside the office without drawing any attention.

Feet Warm

This post discusses eight surefire ways to get your feet as warm as anything. So if you want a more productive day at work, check out the tips and tricks we’ve listed below.

8 Ways to Warm Your Feet in an Office

Are you willing to invest in products to keep your feet warm? Or do you want a makeshift feet warmer from items lying around? Either way, you’ll find one or the other thing useful in the methods below.

Woolen Socks

Wear socks to keep the feet warm? Duh! But sometimes, even socks can’t thaw your frozen feet, no matter how thick and fluffy they are. You may even wear two pairs at a time, but it’ll all be in vain.

The secret to warming feet with socks is in the material. You may go for the usual cotton socks, hoping they’d warm you up, but cotton isn’t very good at retaining heat or staying dry.

Instead, choose woolen socks, which can trap the heat from your body and keep your feet warm effectively. Merino wool, in particular, is best for this job.

Under-desk Space Heater

One foolproof way of toasting your feet is investing in an under-desk space heater. Simply plug it into an outlet under your desk and enjoy the heat – there’s nothing quite like the feeling.

You can choose between a footrest that radiates heat, a leg warmer that you can hang under the desk, or a small ceramic space heater that blows warm air. Typically, though, footrests and quiet leg warmers are ideal for offices.

Toe Warmers

A genius creation, toe warmers, can help you keep your toes comfortably warm for six to eight hours.

These are thin heat packs that you stick under the toes after wearing a sock. The blend of ingredients (that are safe to use) inside the pack reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce heat, transferring it to your toes.

Once it stops producing heat, simply dispose of it and stick a new one under your sock!

The best part? They’re super cheap and readily available online and at stores.

Hot Water Bottle

Got a hot water bottle lying around? Fill it up with hot water and keep it under your desk on the floor. Rest your feet on top of it, and they will get warm in no time. And since these bottles can stay warm for a long time, this is an effective yet inexpensive way to get rid of cold feet.

Alternatively, you can place reusable heat packs on the floor.

DIY Heat Pack

Don’t want to invest in heat packs or footrests? You can make one yourself at home and take to your office for some cozy warmth.

Grab any old sock (preferably a long one) and fill it up with some rice. Alternatively, you can use a pillowcase for a bigger heat pack, but it won’t be easy to take it to work.

Next, heat it up in the office microwave until it feels warm enough and toss it under your desk to rest your feet on it. This cheap DIY heat pack will stay warm for an hour or so, getting rid of cold feet and hands in no time.

Feet Warming Creams

There are tons of feet warming creams available to thaw your cold feet. Simply massage it into the skin and feel your feet get warm and moisturized for hours.

Hot Drinks

There’s nothing like a hot drink on a cold day, especially inside your office. It’s the easiest way to get the heat going as it will warm you up from within, spreading the heat from head to toe.

So go ahead and get yourself some hot coffee or tea, and sip it slowly as you feel yourself getting warmer. You can even buy yourself a tumbler that keeps drinks hot – you don’t want cold coffee when it’s 30 degrees outside.

Walk Around

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time can minimize the blood flow in the body, leaving you cold and sore.

So get up and walk around, climb a couple of flights of stairs, or simply wiggle your toes and move your legs a bit.

This will get the blood circulation going and warm you up quickly, just like it does when you work out or do cardio.


Having cold feet is a big nuisance, especially during work hours. So it’s worth investing in products that help with the problem or spending some time on DIY stuff. Either way, the methods above can keep your feet toasty warm.

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