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By Jack Mash

So you’ve moved house and the only thing letting your new home down is the ugly lawn. Or perhaps you’ve looked out into your garden and noticed that it has become neglected? Either way, an ugly lawn can really bring you down on a sunny day.
Thankfully for you, we have a fail proof way to fix an ugly lawn and make your yard sparkle!

Fixing an Ugly Lawn – 4 Simple Steps!

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If your lawn is patchy, weed-riddled, or otherwise unappealing you should follow our four simple steps. If you do this you can be sure that you’ll have a perfect lawn for next summer!

1. Weeds, Trash, and Rubble:

Now, if you have simply let your lawn slip a little this may not be necessary. Nonetheless, the first step you should take is to ensure that your lawn is free of trash and rubble. If you are moving into a “fixer-upper” this is likely to be necessary. Once you have removed all debris from the lawn it’s time to deal with weeds and crab-grass infestations. Now, you could dig the weeds out one by one, but a far quicker method is to use weed killer. Check out 10 best weed killers for 2018.

2. Re-seed:

Once you have dealt with the weeds, crabgrass, and other eyesores you are like to have bald patches. It’s okay, this happens! The best thing you can do is over-seed in the fall. Some people like to simply throw the seed down, add fertilizer, and water it. However, there are those who swear that covering seeds with a layer of peat moss is the way to go. In any case, the next step should be to begin filling in any bald patches in your lawn.

3. Fertilization and Feeding:

If you want to keep that beautiful new lawn healthy you should also think about proper feeding and fertilization. Remember not every fertilizer is created equal; pick one that fits your needs. For example, Scotts “Weed and Feed” fertilizer also keeps dandelion and clover at bay while feeding your lawn. Milorganite, on the other hand, is the most budget-friendly and “beginner proof” product on the market. A well-fed lawn is a beautiful lawn!

4. Cutting and Control:

It is key that you do not let your lawn become overgrown and wild. This will not only ruin the look you have worked so hard to achieve, but it will make it harder to spot problems! To ensure that you are cutting your lawn properly you must make sure that your mower blades are as sharp as possible. It is also key that you keep your blades as high as your mower will allow. Cutting your grass too short can open the door for crabgrass and other hardy week species.
If you do all of this, you can be certain that your lawn will not let you down at the next family barbecue or neighborhood event! Remember, it is far better to prevent your lawn from deteriorating than it is to start from scratch.

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