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We live in the world of technology and every day we see the release of gadgets that are better than the ones they replace. Some pieces of technology have rendered traditional ways of human business obsolete. But there’s something that technology cannot eliminate, and that’s the need for the most comfortable work boots that one can stand in for a whole day and not feel discomfort. This is especially true for workmen who run are responsible for a lot of the jobs that build the backbone of modern infrastructure.

The list contains boots with either hard toes made out of steel, composite or alloy materials. The soft toe shoes do not fall into the category of safety work boots.

What is a Steel Toe Cap Boot?

Boots that come with a steel toe cap are often referred to as hard toe boots. The reason for that is simple – the steel toe provides a level of durability that is unmatched by comparable soft toe shoes. The steel toe cap is incorporate into the boot at the time of manufacturing, and is a safety measure to protect your feet against knocks with hard objects. The steel toe can come in handy against falling objects such as bricks, and there’s also a midsole plate in these boots that will protect the underside of your feet.

To be a good safety work boot, the steel toe should meet certain ANSI/ASTM requirements. The steel toe is a tried and tested method of protecting the feet of workers for not much extra cost associated with the boot. There are composite materials that are lighter, but they tend to snap under pressure. Steel bends so it’s never out of the way of any harm your feet might encounter. Steel toe cap work boots are however, not recommended for workers that work in environments with electrical hazards, as steel is a conductive material. That’s where composite materials have a case for themselves.

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