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Best Baby Jumper for Your Home

As a parent, it can be hard to find the perfect toy or device to keep your baby engaged and entertained. In fact, for some babies it’s downright impossible! Setting up the best baby jumper for your child is one way that a lot of parents find some relief for a baby that may need a bit more exercise and stimulation.

Best Baby Jumper

A jumper is actually a great toy for your baby, because it helps them build some motor skills, exercise, and keeps them distracted. Not every baby loves being in the jumper as much as some, but it is an activity that a lot children love at a young age before they are mobile on their own.

How to Use a Baby Jumper in Your Home

Jumpers aren’t really a toy that you can set up and leave your baby to use alone. You will still need to monitor the kid while they’re inside the jumper, for safety. That being said, jumpers are a wonderful way to keep the baby out of your hands while you relax or get some work done around the room.

While monitoring is important, you don’t have to give your full attention to your baby and can focus on doing something else while you’re keeping your eye out. With all luck, your baby will be having such a great time that they won’t mind you roaming around and getting a few things done while they’re at it!

Are Jumpers Safe for Babies?

It might not sound like a very good idea, but jumpers are actually quite safe. Modern jumpers are made with BPA-free plastics, sturdy polyester and other synthetic materials, and safe designs that prevent injuries. They are not designed to remain sturdy as they’re being used, and safe support is a very big deal.

Any mention of a baby getting injured in a jumper can spark a recall of the product, and may have serious consequences for your child! That’s why companies have taken extra precautions to make sure that today’s jumpers will allow your baby to bounce around freely without ending up on the floor or hurt in any way.

It’s important to note that jumpers aren’t designed for babies of all ages and mobility groups. You should never put your baby into a jumper until they can easily and reliably hold their own head up. Also, follow the weight, height, and mobility restrictions listed for the jumper you want to get. Most of them have upper weight and height limits, and many also suggest you never put a climbing baby into a jumper of any kind.

Benefits of a Baby Jumper

What can a baby jumper give you that other toys can’t? Here are the main benefits you can expect from the best baby jumper:

  • Fun

The most obvious benefit of jumpers is that they are a lot of fun for babies. Since they are meant for children that aren’t as mobile yet, jumpers are a wonderful way to give you baby the ability to do some movement on his own. This can be very entertaining, and most babies enjoy their jumpers until they grow too big for the weight, height, or mobility limits.

  • Keep Baby Busy

Most jumpers are designed to have a lot of other toys and things to do besides just jumping. This helps the jumper to keep your baby’s attention for longer and allows you to do something other than entertain your baby for a little while. Since there are sometimes a variety of different types of toys, it’s great for your baby to discover new things and stay busy as long as possible.

  • Develop Leg Muscles

Jumpers are good exercise for baby’s legs as they jump around in the seat. Since the seat bounces easily, your baby will be fully fueling the movements with their legs. Developing strong muscles and legs is important to furthering mobility and keeping your child healthy, so a jumper may be a good investment for young infants that can’t walk or climb yet. This movement will also get them more used to using their legs, which helps them to adapt to walking and standing more easily.

  • Easy to Set Up in Small Spaces

Not all jumpers are the same type, but most can fit fairly well into smaller spaces. This is a great asset if you just don’t have a lot of room to let your baby wander around and play everywhere. Jumpers can be placed wherever you are so you can get a clear line of sight to the child, and they can enjoy themselves in any room of the house.

  • Tire Out before Bedtime

If you want a good way to get your baby ready for sleep, here’s one sure way to make that happen! A tired baby is a baby that will sleep more soundly, so a bit of bouncing the in evening might be just what your little one needs to doze off at night. As they get more tired, they may not want to stay in the jumper. That’s natural, and you should remove them if they start getting tired. However, when your baby is having fun and enjoying themselves, they may not even notice that they are using up their energy at all!

How to Choose the Best Baby Jumper

Here are a few things you should look into when you’re searching through baby jumper reviews. If you want to get the best baby jumper for your little one, check out these features first:

  • Type of Jumper

There are two general types of jumpers: doorway jumpers and stand-alone jumpers. Doorway jumpers can conveniently clamp onto the top of your doorway, with your baby sitting safely below and bouncing around happily. These types clamp on very tightly, and can usually be adjusted to accommodate doorways of different heights.

Stand-alone jumpers are set up on a flat space either inside of the house or outside. These jumpers are more likely to contain a lot of toys for your baby to choose from, as well as the ability to rotate around. Not all stand-alone jumpers are the same, and some are designed more like doorway jumpers. But, many of them look more like baby walkers and have a lot of features for the baby to enjoy.

  • Weight of Your Baby

Jumpers will usually list a weight and height limit for safe use. You need to follow this very closely and pay attention to how your baby fits compared to the standards listed. If your baby is older or bigger, look for a jumper that can accommodate their weight for longer. If your baby is still young, this might not be as big of a deal for you, depending on how long you’re planning to use the jumper.

  • Toys Attached

Stand-alone jumpers with toys offer you a lot of choices. There are usually themes for each jumper, such as ocean exploration or rainforest discovery. Many companies are making jumpers with educational toys that help your baby to develop fine motor skills and to discover themselves a bit more.

Pay attention to how the toys are made, so you can know if you’re making the right choice or not. You can choose between soft, machine-washable toys or hard, musical toys. There are also toys that spin, squeak, stretch, or crinkle when played with. Some toys are made for your baby to bat at them, while others move in a more immediate area.

What you choose for the toys is up to you, but you may want to look into a jumper that gives you the option to replace toys. That way, if a toy breaks or if your baby just doesn’t like it, you can swap it out for another toy they might enjoy more.

  • Mobility

This will have a lot more to do with safety than with choosing the right jumper for your baby. Unless they can hold their heads up alone, babies are not supposed to be in jumpers. Other than that, you can choose a lot of jumpers based on how well they can move around and if they mind being stationary. Doorway jumpers generally offer your baby more freedom of movement, especially to do bouncier jumps.

Stand-along jumpers do not offer that same range of motion, which can frustrate some babies or time. If you think your child would like to have a bit more space to move around and the freedom to get their groove on more, a doorway jumper might be the best choice for your family.

  • Comfort

Jumpers all have seats or harnesses that will keep the baby in place. You get to choose how comfortable and how easy to clean the seat will be. The more comfortable it is, the harder it may be to clean, and vice versa. Seats are available with padding on some jumper designs, while others are more harness-like and don’t offer the same level of comfort. Make sure that the seat you get will be comfortable enough that your baby can enjoy the jumper. The best baby jumper will have to be comfortable, or else your child will never wat to use it!

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