Best Air Fryer Accessories – Pizza Pan, Baking Dishes

By Jack Mash

Air Fryer Accessories

There are plenty of accessories that you can add to your air fryer to make it cook a little bit better for you, and turn it into a multi cooker instead of just a fryer. Some accessories are provided with the best air fryer models, some you can buy from the same manufacturer that made your fryer, and some can be bought from unaffiliated companies. Here are some great accessories to look into.

  • Pizza pans

pizza pan

There are plenty of very small pizza trays that are intended to be put into an air fryer, then absorb the heat to ensure a crispy crust while also cooking the toppings. When you’re looking to get a pizza pan, it’s important to look at how large your fry basket is; if you get a pan that’s too large or too small, you won’t be able to enjoy the pizza you love.

  • Baking dishes

baking dishesIf you have baking tins from little toaster ovens and other small appliances, they may be able to fit into your air fryer. However, if you don’t, or if you have one that’s too big or small, you can find a great one for your air fryer just by looking around a little.

  • Skewers and skewer racks

skewer racksA skewer rack is specially designed to make sure that your kabobs don’t go anywhere when you put them in the air fryer, letting them bake more evenly and accurately. You can skewer anything on these racks, letting you enjoy deliciously crispy fried kabobs of any kind.

  • Wire rack

wire rackMany air fryers, even the best air fryer models, have a lot of depth, but not a lot of width. While this can be great if you’re making something like French fries, it’s not the best if you want to cook pork chops or steak. Buying a wire rack can help; these racks give your air fryer a “second story” so to speak.

  • Grill pan

Grill panAir fryers don’t just imitate frying; with the proper accessories, they can imitate a grill as well! Some fryers come with this accessory, but if you’re looking to make great cuts of beef and seafood, you’ll want to pick one up. The ribbed pan will create those classic grill marks that are so delicious!


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