5 Tips For Decorating a Small Bedroom in 2021

By Jack Mash

decorating bed roomMaking the most of a limited amount of space is incredibly hard when you’re trying to make a small bedroom exciting and fun for your kids. Thankfully there are some things that you can do to really liven up a small space in a jiffy.

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can decorate a small bedroom for maximum effect:

5) Bright and Breezy!

Crisp, clean, and bright colors like white, blues, and yellows make a small room feel bigger by making the most of the light in the room. Remember to keep them soft and pastel, too, as this will make the walls seem further apart and give the illusion of space while avoiding being dull or boring. This is always important, but is especially the case with smaller rooms.

4) Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

When you utilize mirrors well you can make a small room seem bigger, this is because they capture the light in a room. For example, you can fake another window by placing a mirror directly opposite the main window in a room. Furthermore, you can make a wall seem longer by using a floor length mirror. If you want to make a room seem longer turn it on its side on the wall, or simply wall mount it vertically to give the illusion of height. If you’re decorating a kid’s room, why not paint the frame in bright colors, or decorate it with characters from their favorite shows?

3) A Show of Power

A small projector can liven up a small bedroom for kids and teens and can even act as a nightlight for really young children. Star projectors, which either display a realistic constellation, or large, stylized star shapes can be a great way to make a space unique for the cosmologically minded. Some of them are very compact, as you can see here.

2) Double Down

The biggest problem with decorating a small bedroom is the matter of furniture. Finding furniture that suits the room size while being quirky is not always easy. As a result people often settle for sub-standard pieces. One great space-saving measure is finding furniture with storage built into it as a design feature! For example, you could invest in a bed with drawers built into the base, a desk or chair that also has shelf space inbuilt. These spaces can be used to hold books, toys, or ornaments; most of all they are stylish and youthful. They will grow and develop with your child, and if they’re in a guest room they will add a creative flair to the space!

1) Climbing the Walls

It is especially important that you use your wall space efficiently in a small room. Because floor space is so limited you have to be especially careful when creating storage. A few well-placed shelves can make or break the look of a small room. Shallow alcoves in an irregularly shaped room are the perfect place to build shelves. Doing so adds storage, conserves space, while looking modern and creative. Alternatively, corner shelves have become popular in recent years, too. If you want an ultra-funky look you could invest in bucket or box shelving. These shelving options are popular due to their funky and modern appearance.

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