What is the longest element name on the periodic table?

By Jack Mash

The longest element name on the periodic table is uranium. It has 92 protons and 150 neutrons. Uranium is also the heaviest element on the periodic table, with an atomic mass of 238.03 amu.

How Do the Elements Get Their Names?


What is the longest word on the periodic table?

The longest word on the periodic table is “tungsten.” It is a metal with the atomic number 74. Tungsten is found in nature as the free element and in various minerals such as wolframite and scheelite.

The metal has a very high melting point (3422 °C) and a density of 19.3 g/cm3. It is used principally in alloys, especially in high-speed tools and Cutlery.

What is the metal with the longest name?

The metal with the longest name appears to be Thorntonium, also known as Thorium-222. This is a radioactive metal with a very long half-life, meaning it takes a very long time for it to decay. It is used in some medical applications and has been studied for its potential use in nuclear reactors. It is named after the city of Thornton, Colorado, where it was first discovered.What element will last the longest?

What element has the shortest name?

The element with the shortest name is hydrogen. Its full chemical name is dihydrogen monoxide, but it’s more commonly known as hydrogen oxide or just water.

What is the highest atomic number?

The atomic number is the number of protons in an atom’s nucleus. The highest known atomic number is 118, which belongs to the element oganesson. This element was only recently discovered, in 2006, and it is still extremely unstable.

What is the longest state name?

The longest state name is actually Massachusetts, which is officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The state is named after the Massachusett tribe, who inhabited the area prior to European settlement.

Massachusetts is an Algonquian word meaning at or about the great hill, referring to the large hill in central Massachusetts on which the tribes settled.

What is the longest dinosaur name?

The longest dinosaur name is saurozouker.

What element has the shortest half life?

The element with the shortest half-life is hydrogen, with a half-life of just 12 years. helium has a slightly longer half-life of around 21 years.

However, both of these elements are very stable compared to other elements on the periodic table.

For example, iodine has a half-life of just 27 minutes and uranium has a half-lives measured in seconds. The element with the longest known half life is technetium, with a half-life of over 200 million years.

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