The Daily Intruders of the Home: Pests to Eradicate

By Jack Mash

  • Over 67% of American households experienced pest problems in 2020, mainly due to environmental factors and poor sanitation.
  • Small pests like ants, termites, and bed bugs can cause significant damage and health issues.
  • Flying pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches carry diseases and can trigger allergies, making them a health risk.
  • Rodents, particularly mice and rats, are known for spreading diseases and causing structural damage to homes.

According to the National Pest Management Association, over 67% of American households encountered a pest problem. These unwanted guests find their way into homes for various reasons. The main culprits are often environmental factors, such as climate and season changes, which drive pests indoors for food and shelter. Additionally, some homes may unintentionally provide ideal living conditions for pests due to poor sanitation, unchecked moisture levels, or unsealed entry points. Statistics also show that urban and suburban homes are more susceptible to pest infestations, with 74% of urban households having experienced pest problems compared to 59% in rural areas.

When mishandled, pests can make your home an uncomfortable living space. Depending on the type of pests, they can cause structural damage to your property, spread diseases, contaminate food items, and sometimes trigger allergies and asthma attacks. When preventing a pest infestation in the home, being proactive is vital. For starters, identifying the top offenders will be necessary.

The Little Critters

The proliferation of certain pests in homes can lead to catastrophic damage and health issues if not addressed promptly. These critters, often small in size, can reproduce rapidly, leading to an infestation that is difficult to manage and potentially detrimental to health and homes. Here are a few examples of those little critters:


Ants, while small, can become a significant nuisance when they invade homes in large numbers. They contaminate food and can cause structural damage, particularly carpenter ants that burrow into wood to create their nests. While ants might not be as much of a headache as other pests, as they do not spread diseases or cause direct health hazards, it’s still essential to take swift action when their numbers increase. Getting professional ant control services can be the best solution.


Termites are silent destroyers, causing billions of dollars in yearly property damage. These insidious pests feed on cellulose, a component found in wood. Hence, they can compromise the structural stability of a home if left unchecked. Once you notice that these little critters are present, calling on professional termite exterminators is a must.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for their biting habits. Although they do not transmit diseases, their bites can cause itching and loss of sleep. In severe cases, the bites can lead to allergic reactions. Their fast reproductive cycle makes it challenging to eliminate an infestation once it has begun. Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, especially in hard-to-reach areas. It is best to call on professional pest control services to eliminate them. Most of the time, throwing out the infected items is the only way to stop them.

The Flying Menaces

The Flying Menaces

Flying pests are not just a nuisance; they can also pose significant health risks to the inhabitants of a home. They often carry pathogens that can spread diseases, contaminate food, and trigger allergic reactions. Here are two examples of common flying pests and how to deal with them:


Mosquitoes are more than just annoying; they are one of the deadliest creatures on earth. These pests are carriers of several diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. They breed in stagnant water, so removing potential breeding sites is crucial in controlling their population. Regularly empty and clean water containers, such as bird baths, rain barrels, and pet water dishes. For areas that cannot be drained, like ponds, consider using mosquito dunks that contain natural bacteria that kill mosquito larvae. In addition, installing screens on windows and doors can prevent mosquitoes from entering the home.


Cockroaches are disgusting and carriers of several diseases like salmonella, E. coli, and dysentery. Their droppings, saliva, and body parts can trigger asthma and allergies, especially in children. To prevent a cockroach infestation, maintain a clean and dry home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, where they are most likely to be found. Regularly dispose of garbage and tightly seal food containers. Professional pest control services can also provide adequate measures for extermination and prevention.

The Rodent Family

The Rodent Family

Of course, it will not be a house pest problem if you do not mention rodents. These furry pests can carry many parasites and diseases, such as rabies, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. They can also chew through electric wires, creating severe fire hazards. Here are two familiar members you should be aware of:


Mice are notorious invaders that breed rapidly and damage food. To prevent them from entering your home, seal all cracks and crevices where they can enter. Keep food packed in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly. If you have spotted a mouse or two inside the house, consider setting up traps to catch them before seeking professional help.


Rats are larger than mice and are more prone to spread diseases. They can dig holes and chew through wood, which may lead to structural damage if left unchecked. To prevent a rat infestation, keep your home clean and clutter-free. Trim tree branches near the house and regularly remove debris or garbage near the property. Professional pest control services will be necessary once an infestation has occurred.

Final Thoughts

Preventing a pest infestation is the key to keeping your home safe and comfortable. Be on the lookout for these little critters, flying menaces, and rodents to act quickly and take preventive measures before an infestation occurs. It is best to call in professionals if you suspect any pests lurking around your property to ensure they are adequately controlled and eradicated.

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