Men Type Quiz Made For Women [2022] Scroll For Facts!

By Jack Mash

There’s no doubt that men and women are different in many ways. But did you know that men and women type differently, too? In fact, a recent study showed that men and women type differently up to 93% of the time! That’s why we’ve created this quiz – to help you understand how men type, and how to communicate with them more effectively. So scroll down for some fascinating facts about men typing!

How do men type?

For starters, men have been found to type faster than women – an average of 12 words per minute compared to just 11 for women. But it’s not just about speed. Men are also more likely to use all ten fingers when typing, while women tend to use only eight. And men are more likely to touch-type (that is, type without looking at the keyboard), while women are more likely to hunt-and-peck.

But men don’t just type differently – they also think differently when it comes to typing. A recent study found that men are more likely to use logical reasoning when typing, while women are more likely to use emotional reasoning. This means that men are more likely to think about the mechanics of typing, while women are more likely to think about how their words will be received.


What are the different types of men?

There are four different types of men, according to how they type:

1. The Logical Type – Men who are classified as the Logical Type are the most common type. They’re analytical, objective, and task-oriented. They like to think things through before taking action, and they value efficiency and productivity.

2. The Emotional Type – Men who are classified as the Emotional Type are more in touch with their feelings. They’re expressive, passionate, and compassionate. They’re more likely to take action based on their feelings, and they value connection and intimacy.

3. The Sensitive Type – Men who are classified as the Sensitive Type are men who are highly sensitive to their environment. They’re aware of the subtleties around them, and they’re quick to pick up on emotional cues. They’re compassionate and empathetic, and they value harmony and peace.

4. The Intuitive Type – Men who are classified as the Intuitive Type are men who have a strong intuition. They’re creative, imaginative, and intuitive. They often think outside the box, and they value originality and self-expression.



How do you know which type of man you are dealing with?

If you want to know which type of man you are dealing with, you first need to understand the different types of men. As we just learned, there are four different types of men – the Logical Type, the Emotional Type, the Sensitive Type, and the Intuitive Type.

Once you have a good understanding of the different types of men, you can start to look for clues that will help you identify which type of man you are dealing with. For example, if a man is quick to take action without thinking things through, he is likely an Emotional Type. If a man is very analytical and objective, he is likely a Logical Type. And if a man is creative and imaginative, he is likely an Intuitive Type.

Knowing which type of man you are dealing with can help you communicate more effectively and get the results you want. So if you want to learn more about men and how they think, be sure to take our quiz!


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