Why Youtube Removed this Video

By Jack Mash

Video-sharing platforms are become main source of information and entertainment. YouTube is king of  sharing platform which impact on our lives. However, sometimes, certain videos on YouTube get removed, which may raise questions in the minds of the users. This article will discuss why YouTube removed the video.

Background of the video

Logan Paul create this . Logan Paul recently took a stunningly daring journey to Japan’s Aokigahara forest, also known as the “Suicide Forest”. He documented this venture into immense danger and posted it for all to see on Youtube. But what he encountered in his explorations shook him – during his travels he stumbled upon an unfortunate soul who had taken their own life and revealed that horrific scene within the video itself.

The public’s reaction

With millions of views in an instant, the ill-advised video posted by Logan Paul was met with intense backlash from viewers. Criticism came swift and hard as people were outraged at his insensitivity towards a tragic situation; taking advantage to bolster likes on his channel had many demanding YouTube remove it altogether.

YouTube’s response

After the public outcry, YouTube took down the video, citing that it violated their community guidelines. YouTube encourages users to share content that is meaningful and positive. As part of their commitment, they prohibit posting any material which could be seen as disturbing or hurtful – such as violent videos or insensitive comments about tragedies on the platform. This helps ensure everyone has a safe & enjoyable experience when visiting YouTube!

Logan Paul’s apology and aftermath

Logan Paul’s apology for his thoughtless actions failed to fully satisfy many and, as a result of the ongoing scandal, he has had to face repercussions including dropped sponsorship deals, followers deserting him in droves – even causing YouTube Red series cancellation. Despite this however there were some who found sincerity within his public address leading them consider accepting it with an open heart.

YouTube’s action plan

YouTube’s response to the Logan Paul controversy showed they take their platform seriously. Since then, stricter rules have been implemented to ensure that creators adhere to their guidelines; these include demonetizing videos in violation, limiting access of violators on Live streaming services and partnering with external organizations for further monitoring.


In conclusion, YouTube removed the video because it violated their community guidelines, which prohibit the posting of content that is violent or graphic and disrespectful or insensitive towards individuals or communities affected by tragedies.  


Was Logan Paul banned from YouTube after the incident?

No, Logan Paul was not banned from YouTube, but he faced significant consequences such as losing advertising deals and followers, and having his YouTube Red series canceled.

What are YouTube’s community guidelines?

These guidelines prohibit content that is violent or graphic, disrespectful or insensitive, harmful or dangerous, and misleading or spammy.

Can users report videos that violate YouTube’s guidelines?

Yes, users can report videos that violate YouTube’s guidelines. 

How has YouTube improved its guidelines since the Logan Paul incident?

YouTube has implemented stricter guidelines for content creators, such as demonetizing videos that violate their guidelines, restricting access to YouTube Live for creators.

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