How Much Sleep Do Babies Need

By Jack Mash

Babies Sleep Well to Stay Healthy

I love to see cute babies sleeping. Hope all of you mothers know that the more a baby sleeps, the healthier he is. A mother wants to play with her baby all the time but not at the sake of baby health. So a good and satisfied sleep would keep a mother happy as well. Keep your self happy by letting your baby sleep well. Some babies are very good sleepers. They take a good sleep throughout the night and 3 to 4 times of good nap a day.

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need

Mothers Love to See her Baby Sleep Well 

At the same time a mother wants to see her baby happy and smiling, she also wants to know how much sleep a baby needs to stay healthy and fresh. A good mother accommodates her time for her baby sleep and manages to get her baby the same amount of sleep he needs. There are many sources available to a mother guiding her how she can make her baby sleep for the required time.

Baby Sleep Needs at Various Ages 

Let’s take a brief view of how much sleep a baby needs to stay healthy, growing and glowing at the various stages and ages of his infancy and babyhood. A baby age can be divided into two periods. These are:

  • From Birth to 6th Month
  • From 7th to 12th Month

From Birth to 6th Month 

The babies sleep too much from birth to first six months. It sounds like the baby is sleeping throughout the day and night. The baby sleeps for sixteen to twenty hours a day. This sleep is very beneficial for the baby growth. Do not create any special sleeping schedule for your beloved baby in this period. This experience would let you know how much sleep your baby needs. Do play with your baby but not too much to give time to your baby for a good sleep. It is very important to let a baby sleep when he is tired otherwise it might create disturbances. No biological clocks are set for a baby in this age, making any difference between the light and the darkness.

From 7th to 12th Month 

Baby needs nearly twelve to fifteen hours of a comforted sleep at the age of six to twelve months. It would be very good for a baby to have some naps in a day along with sleeping throughout the night. There are some other matters also associated with this age like teething, crawling, rolling over the floor and taking first steps of walk. These issues reduce the baby sleep timing. Make it sure to give your baby the proper timing to sleep. The important to be happy is that in this stage a baby does not require to be fed at night. So a baby can enjoy the night sleep at its best. Now, this is the best time for a mother to develop a sleeping schedule for her baby. From the birth to the first six months of age, a mother becomes well aware of how much sleep her baby needs. She knows when her baby is fresh and when tired enough to go to the crib.

There are many other factors like baby needs, mood, environment, genes and baby health would let a mother know how much sleep a baby needs. Different experts have different advice. Some time a baby requires more than eighteen hours of sleep and some time only twelve hour sleep goes a long way to keep your baby healthy and fresh. Mothers usually monitor their baby sleep to determine their sleep needs.

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