Air Rifle Shooting for Beginners: Start Here!

By Jack Mash

People usually ask around to know how to shoot exactly in the first time. You know, it is absolutely impossible unless you are a really lucky person. For Air Rifle shooting in particular and for all types of sports in general speaking, you need to practice as much as possible to get the respect of improving your skill.

Air Rifle Shooting for Beginners

If you are new to Air Rifle shooting, after already choosing the best hunting air rifles and before getting started practicing, you need to keep in mind these instructions below

1. Air Rifle Safety Guidelines

Safety is the most important factor when using a kind of weapon or equipment. And it is much more essential if the sport you choose to practice and relax is rifle. Never forget these instructions whenever you hold an air rifle in your arm.

Treat it like it has already loaded: For all kinds of guns, never point the gun’s barrel at someone even though it is not loaded. In reality, there are many cases that the users have already forgotten that they had loaded their guns before and cause accidents when they point it at somebody as a trick.

Just load when you are Ready To Shoot: To avoid the pitiful cases above, you do not load your gun until you are going to use it. Besides, when hold it on, the first thing you should do and make it as a routine is checking if it is loaded. When it is already loaded, you must remember to not put it down to avoid discharging the pellet accidentally.

Prepare the Accessories:If you are taking part in rifle shooting, you need to pay attention to which kind of rifle is suitable for you in addition to the protective equipment. With rifle, choose the one whose weight is heavy enough that you can hold it comfortably. With protective gear, there are many things to prepare such as ear protection, shooting glasses, so forth and so on. Depending on your preference, the quality, the comfort as well as your budget, you choose the best ones for yourself.

For more safety, you should not wander and leave your rifle out of attention. Because nobody knows who will pick it up.

2. Air Rifle Shooting: Step-by-Step

Here are 10 steps to use an air rifle, let’s follow it carefully:

Step 1: Choose the suitable Air Rifle for you. Two most essential elements to choose are the weight and the length of the equipment. The best rifle is the one that can offer you the most comfort while holding and shooting. Picking up an air rifle, if you find it too heavy to lift and adjust the direction, you need to change for a lighter one.

Step 2: Next is checking the barrel and sight. If you have a rifle at home, you can do this step. On the contrary, you can skip it. Checking the barrel by breaking it and look down the barrel. Do not look down from the end of barrel deftly lest your eyes will be injured. Aim a safe target through the barrel and while doing that, look through the sight and line them up with the same thing.

Step 3: Press the stock against your dominant shoulder and feel the comfort.

Step 4: Put your dominant hand on the grip and let your finger be off the trigger.

Step 5: Now, let’s check the space from your shoulder where you press the rifle to its grip by using the other hand to put under the rifle body and remember place your hand out of the barrel.

Step 6: Instead of stooping your eye down to the riffle barrel, which causes the uncomfortable feeling while shooting, you can put the gun across your body and create the side-on standing posture. By this way, it is more comfortable as you only need to tilt your head slightly to look through the rifle barrel.

Step 7: Check how to use the sight as well as how to set up a scope (if available)

Step 8: Use BRA method which is Breathe, Rest and Aim.

Step 9: Check whether you have the right aim to the target.

Step 10: Keep practicing.

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