3 Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa Bed

By Jack Mash

With the slowdown of economic growth worldwide, the sofa bed market suffered the impact. Nevertheless, it maintains a relatively positive expansion over the past years. Industry analysts from BisReport believe that in the next several years, this market will continue to grow.

single sofa bed

Sofa bed, which carries a dual-function feature, is a premium addition to your home, allowing you to transform any room into a bedroom. Some quality sofa beds provide similar comfortability as regular beds. From a single sofa bed to a pull-out couch, there are a variety of options available on the market. Hence, shopping and choosing the best sofa bed that suits you can be challenging. Here are three simple tips to help you choose the right sofa bed.

Tip #1: Decide on Your Preferred Type of Sofa Bed

This dual-purpose furniture comes in a variety of styles and features. The following are some example of sofa bed types:

  • Sleeper sofa: This type of sofa bed can usually fit two individuals comfortably. It is stylish and comes with a pull-out mattress, which is made of memory foam, polyester, cotton, or innerspring fill. It is typically available in queen size and can last long. There is also a smaller sleeper sofa, such as twin-sized, suitable for a smaller room. Bed owners can add bedding and pillows to create a better sleeping experience for the guests.
  • Daybeds: This sofa bed type is ideal for a guest bedroom, which also functions as a sitting or office space. Generally, it looks like a compact-sized couch. Most daybeds come in twin-size, making them perfect for kids or people who plan to stay the night. The beds have a stylish side and back, which are usually made of metal or wood. Some daybeds also come with storage drawers.
  • Pull-out couch: This sofa bed type is quite similar to the sleeper soda as both of them contain a mattress inside. Most pull-out sofas use metal legs to support the mattress. Customers can set this couch up within just a few minutes. Nonetheless, compared to most sleeper sofas, the quality of mattresses in pull-out lounges is not as good. Still, the latter is perfect for people who need a sleeping arrangement promptly.
  • Power open: Compared to other types of sofa beds, power-open sofa beds are more convenient. They are easy to use as they have a built-in motorised mechanism which opens and transforms the couch into a temporary bed with just a push of a button. Thus, there is no need to struggle to pull the mattress out. This bed type is perfect for people looking for mobility.

Tip #2: Consider the frame and mattress quality

Avoid purchasing a sofa bed that comes with softwood frames, such as pine. Instead, choose one with the most robust and most durable frames made of hardwoods ( kiln-dried) or a combination of plywoods (furniture-grade) and hardwood (kiln-dried).

When it comes to mattresses, on the other hand, choose those with decent quality that can comfortably support the body, especially around the shoulders, lower back, and hips area. Thinner beds with decent built may provide better body support. Sofa bed owners can also consider purchasing a comfortable mattress pad to put on top of the best for a better sleeping experience.

Tip #3: Measure and Test It

Before purchasing a sofa bed, make sure to always measure it. Consider the room size and the sofa bed measurement when it is fully open. Be sure to check out the mattresses’ size too. A single sofa bed with a single-sized mattress can be perfectly okay for a single sleeper, but not for a couple.

Customers should test the sofa bed by trying to open and close it and see whether it is easy to operate. They can also try to lie down and feel the comfortability of the mattress.

When shopping for a sofa bed, it is best to remember its primary purpose. Consider the types, sizes, and quality of both beds and mattresses. You should also measure and test it before purchasing one.

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