7 Creative (And Easy) DIY Calendar Ideas

Are you often forgetting important dates?

If so, you need a calendar. Calendars can boost our productiveness by writing important errands on them and they can help us anticipate big events, by marking the date.

diy calendar

Customizing your calendar makes it more exciting! Keep reading for awesome DIY calendar ideas!

Compute Your Calendar

Decorating your desk can make you feel a little crowded when you have a lot to show. Use your computer to show off your family or interests with a free calendar maker online!

Upload amazing pictures of your family, so they can help you get through the workday and you can show them off at the office. This can help you remember their birthdays too if you pair pictures with birth months.

ReMEMEber the Date

When you find a great meme, you exhaust your contact list and then still find it difficult to let go of. Use your top 12 favorite memes to create a homemade calendar!

Organize them so that they make sense. For instance, October calls for a good Halloween meme, while February calls for a meme that makes a crack at relationships. 

Make Space for Your Events

Space geeks can make cool calendars with awesome planetary pics! Add fun facts on each picture to bring it to the next level.

Start with our favorite star in January, and then you can place the planets and objects in order, in relation to the sun. 

Even if we add in Pluto, that leaves you with 11 months covered. Fill December’s void with something cool like a nebula or your favorite space phenomena.

Work Out Your Year

Create a day to day calendar to create fitness goals! This will keep you on time and in shape for the important happenings in your life.

Make each month a big goal. Then, turn each day page into little workouts. This will help you hold yourself accountable for your health each and every day of your life!

Make Meal Plans

We need dinner every day without fail. So, why not make a date of it!?

Make each day a recipe. Make it more appealing by adding pictures of the finished dish. You can make it into a tool to help you eat healthier or simply use it for yummy ideas that fit the season.

DIY calendars make a fantastic shower gift for one of your closest girls. Planning a wedding will have her going haywire, and this will help her keep mealtimes on track.

Adult ADVENTures

Looking for calendar ideas that make the holiday season fun?

Christmas countdowns are not only for children. Make an exciting advent calendar that will keep your significant other in the Christmas spirit. You might mark each day with a boudoir photo that keeps them in the countdown! 

Every Day Counts with a DIY Calendar

When counting the days, make each day count with a fantastic DIY calendar. Using past memories to help you remember future events will keep a smile on your face throughout the year.

We have awesome ideas to help improve your life. Check out our office page for more ways to a better day at work!

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